Living in Rotorua, New Zealand

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my website! Once again, a lot has happened since my last blog post. I've moved from rural New Zealand to the volcanic crater city of Rotorua, NZ (aka Sulphur City or Roto-Vegas). I experienced my first earthquake just two weeks ago which was pretty cool, thankfully it wasn't destructive! I've moved into a new house and bounced around a few new jobs as well, needless to say Middle Earth has been a wild ride. Good news is I'm finally starting to feel settled again and ready to take my art & music to the next level! 
  Two of my new paintings are entitled 'Purple Sunset' & 'Peach Sunrise'. Technically I'm currently living in a 300,000 year old volcanic crater and the air here smells strong of sulphur due to the widespread geothermal activity... Crazy right? So I'm hoping my unique new surroundings will provide me with some great new creative inspiration :) 

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