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My First Blog Post! I've been pursuing music as the solo artist 'Curtwood Bearsman' for about 2 years now, beginning with my first open mic performance which was in early 2014 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I only created my Facebook Music Page about a year ago as well, with my first Debut Album releasing in September of 2015. It has been a short amount of time, yet it has been a very wild ride. In these 2 years I've lived in a tent on an island at the Salt Spring Island Yoga centre for three months, went to a Divinity Graduate School in Vancouver, British Columbia for seven months, lived at home in Saskatchewan for five months, and now I've been living in Sydney, Australia for 7 months!! If you can believe it, since my first Open Mic performance in early 2014 I have written 45 new songs!! Yet only 9 of these songs have been recorded, and they are set to release on April 20th with my new album 'Divinity Dropout'. I need some studio time eh?

With your support, I hope to get all of these songs and albums recorded in the near future. How can you help? Simply subscribe to my mailing list, or toss me a simple 'Like' or 'Follow' on my Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud YouTube etc. etc. Be sure to check out my new Divinity Dropout album as well! You can PRE-ORDER NOW or wait until April 20th to stream the album on this website for free, however your donations are appreciated :)

Thanks for reading my first blog post! More to come in the near future as I will be playing gigs every week here in Sydney, Australia!


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  • Ken Ehresman

    Ken Ehresman K-Rock

    awesome website!!!

    awesome website!!!

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